Transforming organisations by unlocking individual potential

Leaders Lounge is a low-cost solution with a high-impact return that provides targeted leadership support when and where your leaders need it most.

Our tailored leadership coaching and resources can increase staff engagement, boost productivity and help translate KPI’s into real results. Increase productivity by supporting your leaders to navigate complex situations with the help of our experienced and accredited leadership coaches and accompanying resources and events.

Our ‘on-demand’ model means leaders can access support as issues or roadblocks arise, or at regular intervals that suit their schedule. Leaders Lounge works alongside your organisation to ensure our services align with your organisational priorities and guidelines.

When organisations offer Leaders Lounge to their people, they scale the support offered by their HR teams and managers and work towards positively transforming their workplace cultures.

Leaders Lounge connects people to on-demand confidential coaching and resources in moments that matter most across the employee experience.



Through your organisational membership your staff have exclusive access to member only events. These events have been curated to develop your staff through belonging to a community and expanding their network.



Your staff work with our Coaches who are seasoned leaders and certified coaches. Rigorously vetted and continually evaluated, Coaches form a diverse network of support for your employees. Each session gives an employee what they need to unlock their own potential. Coaches leverage neuroscience to help employees develop critical skills, shift their perspectives, and form a pathway with accountability in mind.



Your staff will benefit from a range of learning programs that have been created to enhance and optimise the performance of your employees. Our learning programs are bespoke and responsive to the changing demands of the workplace & are facilitated by a range of experts who are specialists in their field. 

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Why our approach works



Learning support when it’s needed the most



An unbiased outlet that employees can trust



Our providers and coaches are briefed on your company



Leaders Lounge providers are highly qualified professionals

How it works


We meet with you to understand your business and the critical initiatives that you are focused on.


We then provide everyone in the organisation with Leaders Lounge membership, which they can access through a private link.


Your employees can access on-demand coaching services and book enhancement learning programs within their membership cap limits.


At the end of each month, we send you a report and an invoice.

It’s that simple!

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Leaders Lounge Community

What makes Leaders Lounge so special is the amazing organisations and individuals who form part of the Leaders Lounge Community.

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