Meet our team of expert panelists

Sarah Yip

Founder and HOST
Managing Director KEASE International

Emma Caruso

Coach | Consultant |
Agile Delivery & Change Management Specialist

Dani McDonnell

Coach | Consultant | Facilitator

Helen Tran-Nguyen

Career and
Leadership Coach

Tanya Siggins

People & Culture Expert

Tracey Hawthorn

Workplace Well-being Specialist

Mervin Chiang

Leadership Coach | Transformation & Automation Coach

Our panelists are subject-matter experts across a range of industries. We are nationally and internationally accredited coaches and facilitators who hold memberships with a range of professional associations and bodies. All of our coaches deliver human-centred solutions for a digital enabled world. We are specialists in the following areas:

Emotional Intelligence

Career Development

Intelligent Automation

Sales and Sales Pipeline


Agile Change Management


Business Administration


Behavioural Science and Gamification

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