Achieve your full potential with ACTION

The ACTION program is designed to deliver results by providing people with the tools to become successful. The program explores the 10 Behaviours of success and is a highly practical, research-based, facilitator-led, development program to enable people to achieve their full potential and achieve success.

All organisational success is built on the professional and personal success of each team member.  Success begins with the individual.

 The program is suited to everyone in the organisation, regardless of their title or role. Participants gain clarity and actions required to their pathway to success.

  • Identifying a clear purpose
  • Prioritising the important
  • Actions that lead to real results

The program incorporates the 10 Behaviours of Success and are the result of over 30 years of on-going research into how successful people achieve professional and personal success.

What you’ll achieve with ACTION

  • Greater productivity and passion for work
  • More focus, creativity, and a better vibe at work
  • Find ways to work smarter, not just harder
  • Create an organisation that works on the important stuff, not the urgent stuff
  • Be less stressed at work and have a more productive work environment
  • Focus on things that matter most
  • Be less focussed on being busy, and more focussed on results
  • Build resilience through mindfully being present at work

Program Investment

Leaders Lounge members: $470.00 per person

Non-members: $540.00 per person (includes automatic membership to Leaders Lounge)


Dates and Enrolments

The program is delivered through three virtual sessions.

Enrolments close 30 July, 2021


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