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23 OCTOBER 2020  |  1.00pm – 2.00pm  |  FREE

Walking the Walk: Practical Inclusion for leaders

The Black Lives Matter movement has really shifted the focus on diversity & inclusion efforts from ‘saying the right thing’ to ‘taking real action’. Organisations, including those in the STEM space, are under increasing pressure from employees, customers and shareholders to create tangible change. But how can people managers support, or even drive, these efforts to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive?

In our ‘Walking the walk; practical inclusion for leaders’ session, our panel of experts will be discussing practical activities that people managers, at any level and within any workplace, can introduce to create an inclusive team where employees with diverse lived experiences can thrive.

Join our panelists Jeremy Tyson, Bree Gorman and Rudi Landmann, all of whom have experience working within STEM and have faced their own challenges with diversity & inclusion; which has led to them becoming fantastic advocates for change. It’s set to be an incredibly informative and practical discussion for all attendees.

Registrations for Leaders Lounge will close on the day of the event at 9:00am. 

This session will include discussion and Q&A.

Jeremy Tyson

Commercial Manager in Health Technology

Bree Gorman

Director at Bree Gorman Consulting

Rudi Landmann

People Manager at Red Hat